Monday, February 25, 2008

New name.

Well-deserving events that took place in February,
forced me to pen (er... type?) my thoughts down.
To pry into my not-so-secret experience, read on.

Since I was a baby, till I was about 15,
Chinese New Year's ang pow 'earnings'
get me around RM800 - RM1k++.

No thanks to George Soros,
since 1997, the ang pow 'market' plummetted to
a dismal average of RM600.
I even cried during 1998's CNY.
(Really, I did. I thought the end of the world was near).

This year, the tide has risen
(btw, so is the temperature of our mother earth).
My ang pow collection has once again reached the RM1k mark.
This is a good year.


Then, there's my birthday,
which took place on the 22nd.
What I won't forget would be my family's love.
+ SMSes of friends' birthday greetings.


Those were the highs.
But nothing beats the climax.
Just before the clock struck 12am on 22nd of Feb,
Bf decided not to be my bf anymore.

The result:
My fourth finger was introduced to a 'stone' called estrella.
And I'm engaged.

A new season of my life has just begun.
It's so daunting. So sudden. So overwhelming.
Yet so good.

I'm happy.
Fiancé, (ahem, notice the new identity) is happy.
Our parents are happy.

Hey! The world became a happier place now.
For now. =)


blurred esh said...

looks like february's a good month.

congratulations to you!

i'm still overjoyed for you two.. and now, waiting for the beeeeeeg event to take place..

remember, minimize on .ppt slides and have a backup of everything! hahaha..

you know what i mean.. ;)

Amkayell said...

Congratulations Cissie!! So happy for you and Ja mes of course...

Take care!
From down under...