Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bitchitude 101

The six prominent ones that I've met so far.

Flower-mouth bitch:
A bitch who loves language and that includes some word choices that a few of you categorize as foul.

Bicker bitch:
A bitch who adores freedom of speech, but only speak freely behind people's backs!

Heartless bitch:
A bitch who says, "I don't have the time and interest to cater to your needs. I have enough worries of my own. Sh*t, my toenail's chipped!"

Gesture bitch:
A bitch who wishes to have more middle fingers.

Never indebted bitch:
A bitch who thinks the world owes her, well, the world.

Master of all bitches:
A.k.a the 'I'm the greatest gift to mankind' bitch.


Anonymous said...

ooh... bitchy.

Ciss said...

ooh... yes. Very.