Thursday, March 29, 2007

Waiting for tomorrow to come.

Tomorrow is a day off for all my company's staff (if a public holiday falls on a Saturday, Friday automatically becomes a day off).

Because my company believes that we deserve to enjoy the public holiday. However, if we don't work on Saturdays anyway, how to enjoy? So, they replace it on Friday lor.

Anyway, I've been hanging out with one of my colleagues quite a bit lately, she's this 50++ I think. A secretary. Let's give her a name - HL

HL: CC, I went to the wedding expo at KLPAC on Sunday. Was thinking of calling someone to come along with me. Aiyah, I should have called you lah. You're at a 'marriagable age'!

CC: (sweat) Haha... Oh, izzit? Erm, so, what's in the wedding expo?

HL: Many things. I went because of my son & daughter. Both of them might be tying the knot within these few years. Oh, do you know, now they are offering photo packages like "Hong Kong", "Bali", "Taiwan"...

CC: (cutting her off) Oh... I know... I know... Those backdrops with Hong Kong or Bali scenery izzit?

HL: (eyes big big) No no no... you FLY TO Hong Kong, Bali etc to TAKE PICTURES.

CC: (eyes big big) Did your children sign up for that?

HL: Yea, my son gave deposit already.

CC: (eyes still big big) You mean photoshoot, accomodation, airfare etc included?

HL: Haha... No, just the photographer's fee.

CC: (blink) (silence) (blink again). Ahem, HL, I have work to do, talk to you later, k? Thanks anyway.

Back at my cubicle, I have only one thought in my mind - THAT PACKAGE GOOD MEH?

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