Friday, January 18, 2008

Gals. Keep it in.

Was eating sometime ago with a bunch of friends,
and the most unusual lunch topic came about:
Uterine prolapse - 子宫下垂

Uterine prolapse means
the uterus dropped from the pelvic into the vagina.
Mentioning it already sounds gross, can't believe we
were actually crazy enough to discuss it OVER LUNCH!

Anyway, the topic came about when I was telling my friends that
many women suffer from incontinence (losing control of the bladder,
e.g. accidentally wetting their pants, need to constantly pee etc).

And these women often think it comes with old age,
and it doesn't have a cure.
WRONG! Sometimes can cure one.

But I think maybe they think it's shameful.
So, don't dare to voice out or consult doctor.

There are many causes of incontinence,
one of them is uterine prolapse. Other factors include:
pregnancy, childbirth, hysterectomy etc.

In average, women have a higher chance of
getting this than men.

I heard many older women lock themselves in the house because
jumping, laughing, coughing or standing up after sitting down
can cause them to accidentally pee in their pants.
And, not surprisingly, they're often a very depressed group of people.

So, if you're a relatively young female reading this,
prevention is better than cure.

A word of advice (from a medical knowledge-limited brain)
Practise 5 minutes of Kegel exercise per day.

Let me explain.
Kegel exercise is an exercise for the pelvic muscle.

This is what you do:
When you go pee pee,
try to stop the flow of urine.
Squeeze your pelvic muscle.
Loosen, relax and pee.
Squeeze again.
Till you finish your pee.
Easy peasy. This'll help strengthen your pelvic muscle.

Another point to note.
I heard that forcing out your poop or pee
can also cause uterine prolapse in the long run.
So, take your time. Don't rush!

Guys, this post is not so relevant to you.
But it's good to know. =)

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