Monday, October 20, 2008

Head scratching incident.

Took a flight last Fri.
(Pssst. It's NOT the 'Everyone can fly' airline).

Anyway, while the plane was still flying above
the South China Sea, the seat in front of me started
shaking semi-violently.

Curious, I tried to peek in front but because
I'm not that tall and was strapped with the seatbelt,
I couldn't see what's going on in front.

Few seconds later, the shaking stopped.
So I closed my eyes and my mind
wandered off to lala land for a good half an hour.

The flight landed shortly after,
seatbelts were heard unclipped
everywhere in the aircraft.

The guy in front of me got out of his seat.
And took on a half-standing posture,
waiting for his turn to get to the aisle
and collect his belongings from the cabinets above.

That was when I almost fainted.

My eyes were locked in horror at the guy's head.
Gazillion tiny white spots where seen nested in
his crown of 'glory' (more like gory).

And I assure you,
I was looking at FREAKIN' A LOT OF LICE EGGS!!!!!!!

You read correctly.

Man! He was 'happily' sitting in front,
scratching his head, which explains
why the seat was shaking!

That thought was enough to
send 3 shudders down my spine.
Correction. Four shudders.
Another one just went down my spine as I type this.

Grossed out completely,
I kept thinking and hoping and praying
no one with lice sat in my seat before the flight.
Or that when he scratched, no lice had jumped
and landed on my hair. ARGGHHHH! MY HAIR!!!!

I tell you. Straight away,
I lean no more in my seat.

I sat up sooooo straight while
trying to get out of the plane. FAST.

Why did this happen to me?

How can people not know they need help
when they can see so many many many
tiny eggs are in their hair?

Can't they put disposable head rest cover
or something in airplane seats?


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