Monday, July 28, 2008

Like royal. (PART II)

Like I said in Part I,
the island is not small.

The picture above shows you the distance
from the jetty to the lobby.

Behind the lobby is a small hill.
You need to hike to get over to the other side.
The people who works there told me that's the side
where the sun rises every morning.
And the beach there is a lot nicer.

Did I hike to see the beautiful side of the island?
Nope. Couldn't be bothered.
HAHA. It was so darn hot ok?
I'm happy just exploring one side of the island,
this side also not bad what, got sunset mah.

Once given the keys to my room,
they escorted me to the buggy again.
(You'll keep hearing me talk about the buggy,
because it's really QUITE far to walk from my room to
the conference hall).

Anyway, let me show you my 'room'.
Turns out, ROOM 2102 really means CHALET 2102!

That whole block you're looking at was where I stayed.
I was given the freakin' WHOLE CHALET to myself..

Upon entering the chalet, this is what you'll see:

Hmmm... it's a bit small in the picture, but if you
look carefully, you'll see a fresh fruit platter
on the table next to my bed.

Ahh... I'm sure you can tell by now that I had fun.

Anyway, the chalet came with a TV and a fridge
(all packed with water & soft drinks for me to drink
to my heart's content. At NO CHARGE of course).

Behind the wall where my bed is located,
is the walk-in wardrobe. Next to it is the toilet.
A relatively huge toilet.

Also, here's what I found out later on:
Some Creative Directors or Marketing Directors
from other agencies had to share rooms & beds!

BUT me, the little nobody, the only representative
from Malaysia had the whole chalet to myself.
Ahhh... Feels soooo good remembering that now.
Who says you have to be a big shot to enjoy a bigger space?

Anyway, after changing to something more 'island-friendly,
I called the lobby to send someone to pick me up for lunch.
Lazy to walk mah. Haha. Too much.
I could really get used to this kind of VVIP treatment.

Lunch was served by the seaside.
The thai lady who was assigned to take care of me
is called Orawan. That lunch, she ate with me.

Speaking of that seaside restaurant.
I had a spectacular 'unexpected' encounter there which
I must must must tell you. But will only let you know
what happened in the my next post.

During lunch,
Orawan told me briefly about my client, her boss,
the owner of the island - Kun XXX
(for his privacy, I won't reveal his name)
Let me give him a name - Honeymoon King.

Initially I thought 'Kun' is my client's surname,
but Orawan explained to me that in Thai,
'Kun' is used to address someone you really respect
but don't know very well.

It is NOT an equivalent of 'Mr.' or 'Miss' because I heard
some Thai personnels greeting someone like this,
"Mr. Kun Benjamin".

The climax of my trip will be told
when I write about my meeting with the
Honeymoon King.

Trust me. It's really DRAMA one.
You'd never expect it.

Will tell you more and post more pictures in Part III.
Stay tuned.

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