Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Please... No More...

I just found out that Malaysia is playing Chelsea tonight.

Why can't they just lay low?
And not have these sort of 'friendly' matches anymore?

So embarassing.
I have never heard them won before you know?
When was the last time they win a match?
1950s? 1960s? Does anyone know?

Anyway, I want to be proud to be Malaysian-lah.
But if we lose to Chelsea like 10 - 0 how?

Argh... fingers crossed that
Chelsea players will save us a little face.
"Please don't score so many goals ah..."

On my way to work, the radio DJs wanted to discuss
10 ways Malaysia can win Chelsea tonight.

In my opinion,
there's only THREE ways Malaysia can win:

1. Chelsea kicks the ball into their own goal. (Realistic mistake)
2. In our dreams. (Unrealistic hope)
3. Miracle. (Unlikely incident)

Oh, goodies.
Just got news that Chelsea beat Malaysia (2 - 0). Not too bad.

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