Monday, July 21, 2008

Weird people inspire blog posts.

I can't stand weird people.
In fact, this post is the result of my encounter with one of them.

(Even though I'm also not the most
'normal' human being around).

One Sunday,
after a good dose of praise & worship + sermon,
I waited for fiance after service while he answers nature's call,
Outside the hall was a huge 'after-church-service crowd'.

I stood there while staring into thin air
(Super tired due to lack of sleep).

an unfamiliar voice called my name.

Before I can make out the source of the voice,
a lady whom I barely knew emerged from the crowd,
ran towards me, and said,
"Hey! I didn't know you got engaged."

DUDE! That was in February!
And who are you anyway?

Then, it all happened so quick.

Next thing you know,
without saying anything else, she grabbed my hand.
Stared at my engagement ring for a good 3 seconds or so.
Then let go of my hand and WENT OFF!

Pffttt!! So rude ok? No manners!
I can't stand weird people!

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