Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In life, not everything has an answer.

I'm back.

I'm still alive.

Thanks to all who were concerned.

Sunday night, 11pm
I felt a sharp pain right above my pelvic bone on my right side. Tossed and turned the entire night.

My sleepy brain said: Faster go to sleep.

Monday morning, 9:30am
(After examining me)
Doctor: I think it's early appendicitis. If the pain persists tomorrow, check yourself in to the hospital, k?

My brain said: Ouch... But yay, I think can get more than a week of MC! WOOHOO!

Monday afternoon, 2pm
Me: Mummy, I think I have to go for surgery. Doctor said I might have early appendicitis.
Mummy: Huh? You fly back to Sabah now. If not, who's going to take care of you after the operation?

My brain said: WHAT!? Sabah is 2 hrs flight from here! What if the appendix burst in the plane? *Gulp.

Monday afternoon, 3pm till 8pm

Many many phone calls & sms-es came in. "How are you?", "Are you ok?", "What did the doctor say?"

My dizzy brain said: Oh no, maybe I'm dying...

Monday night, 9pm
(Went to University Hospital for 2nd opinion, just in case)

Nurse: You have to wait for very long.
Me: How long?
Nurse: Very long. 20 over patients.
Me: Ok. I'll wait.

My brain said: Ok. Since I'm here already. Might as well just get it over and done with.

Monday night, 11:30pm
Nurse: I need your urine.
Me: Ok.

(Few minutes later)
Nurse: Put it there. Go outside and wait.

My brain said: Ok. Shouldn't be too long before I get to see doctor.

Tuesday morning, 2am (2 and a half hours later)
Me: (Muttering under my breath) Ahh... Finally.

Doctor: So how?
Me: I think I might have early appendicitis. Here got pain (pointing on the pain spot)
Doctor: Cannot be. What are you doing here?

My brain said: WHAT THE??! I am here to SEE DOCTOR lah!
Doctor: If you have appendicitis, you won't be walking in already. You don't look sick. So how?
Me: But I have pain here (I opened my eyes big big and point at the spot)
Doctor: Lie down.
(While examining me in the presence of a nurse)
Doctor: Where got pain?
Me: Here (showing him the spot)
Doctor: What about here? (Pressing another spot)
Me: Ouch! (It also hurts)
Doctor: You better DECIDE now. Where got pain? HERE or here?
Me: Both.
Doctor: Cannot be. This doesn't make sense.

My brain said: Kick him, faster. Kick him!
(After examining me)
Doctor: Ok. Your urine test shows you have 75 white blood cells in your urine.
Me: Erm... ok. So meaning?

(He gave me the "what? I don't believe you don't understand what that means" look)
Doctor: It's not normal lah.
Me: So what is normal?
Doctor: (Staring at me) Normal is ZERO white blood cells.
Me: Oohh...

Doctor: I'll take your blood now to run a blood test. I think it's not appendicitis.
Me: Then what is it?

He didn't answer, took out needle. *Gulp. BIG needle.

(While trying to find my veins)
Me: Can you take from my right? I am left-handed.
Doctor: (*slap, slap, slap) I cannot find your veins. (Checking my both arms)

(He gave up after a while)
Doctor: There's a vein here. (Mind you, he's pointing at my WRIST!)
Me: No, you cannot take there!
Doctor: Why not?

My brain said: ARgghhhh!! Crazy doctor! Only when people commit suicide then only they cut their wrists! You wanna take blood from there? Might as well take from my NECK!

Me: (*Sigh) Take from the back of my hand lah.

He needed about 2 small tubes of blood. But he took about 4 tubes' amount. I think he purposely wanna 'kena' (get back at) me for back-talking him and keep asking questions.
Sniff sniff... I saw he throwing away my extra blood. Wasted. You vampire doctor!

Doctor: Go outside and wait for your blood test.

Tuesday morning, 3am
Doctor: Your blood is ok. I think maybe you have kidney infection.
Me: But I have no problem passing water. If I have kidney infection, passing water should be very painful right?
Doctor: Er... then maybe you have kidney stone.

My brain said: Ok. That's it! Stone him!

Me: How come you say maybe? So what is it?
Doctor: In life, not everything has an answer.


I gave up.

Still got pain.

Donno what it is.

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blurred esh said...

hahahaha..!! super joker punya doctor.. well, i think i would have done what your brains suggested.

well, some doctors do give wrong prescriptions - i kena stone in my ghall bladder (whatever that is) before and needed x-ray scan - only to find out, i just had gastric after a 2nd opinion.. cis!

good to know everything's well with you. and i'm sure everything will be fine. ;o)

erin said...

I wan da chocs. *sniff*

General hospitals are terrible. I think you need a second opinion.

Anonymous said...

Glad u did survive..

Btw, any pain in any part of the body could lead up to alotz of different illness. It takes wide exprerience up to years to identify the "accurate" diagnosis.

Meanwhile, take care..

Kind Nurse who drop by

Wendy said...

glad u ok too....!! *hugs hgus*