Monday, November 13, 2006

The same trail of sorrow can be the trail of joy.

Tears. The heavy salty streams that bows the head.

Words from someone you love can either warm or pierce the heart. When the latter happens, tears follow.

Sigh... No wonder I cry so easily. I've discovered that words from anyone as long as from a HUMAN can affect me! Arrghhh... (Of course, the same principle applies, the closer I am to the person, the longer or more 'teruk' (terrible) my crying is).

Why? This is the result of having too much love & love too much.

The most recent cry happened this morning at around 2am while watching America's Next Top Model (latest season). A girl called home (during the competition, when America is watching) to tell her mum that she might be gay. Silence. She passed to phone to her sister out of fear. Her mum requested that the phone be passed back to her.

Over the phone, this is what her mum said: "Honey, it's ok. We love you. Don't be scared. We'll love you no matter what".

Then I cry lor.

Research says: Women cry five times more frequently than men (and average five crying spells a month). I've counted. This week alone, I think I've cried about 6 times, all for very different reasons.

"A happy cry averages two minutes; a sad cry, seven." (Mine can go up to hours, e.g. When my pet fish, Bluey died during my 2nd semester in college, I cried for 5 hours / my personal crying record is a whopping 5 days when my pet dog, Rocky died when I was in Form 2).

Women's tears also flow more than men's (which usually well up in the eyes rather than stream down the face like women's tears). Yeah, my entire life, I've only seen my dad cry once. Never seen bf cry before (not yet).

Sadness, followed by anger, sympathy, and fear are the reasons most adults give for crying. (Nah, one more reason - slicing onion... sure cry)

On a side note, thanks to those who have sent in your emails to participate in the lucky draw for Chocolicious. I think not many of you fancy chocolate, that's why not many 'entries'.

Hhmmm... Nevermind, those who are interested, you still have time. Send in your email to me by Wednesday 11:59pm. Results will be out this Thursday. Friday's draw will be on other items. So, stay tuned!


mother teresa said...

"If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

Wendy said...

I praise God and thank God for such a beautiful person such as yourself. I myself am a cry-baby. Hehe...*Recalling our night with the box of tissue* Hehee...thank you ciss. You're a great woman of God...continue to be that! *muaks*

p/s: not that not a lot of ppl don't want chocolate..more like they wanna know what's next..if only win one, then got better one how ah???